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Discover the most critical area of your life in which you are loosing precious energy every day so that you can take your power back.


Pathway of Power

When was the last time that you truly felt your primal power? How long has it been since you’ve been truly inspired? What is at stake? Your health? Relationships?  Your mission as a high-achieving man?

Failure is not an option and yet modern society has been set up for you to be weak, tired, and disempowered.

It’s time to rediscover the primal power that is your birthright.
The Pathway of Power is not about acting like a neanderthal though, it's about reclaiming YOUR PERSONAL POWER.  In this modern world, time is limited, and you’ve got to be smart about you use your energy if you're truly going to succeed in all areas of your life.
The Pathway of Power blends Ancient Alchemical Practices, Modern Neuroscience and Biohacking to build sustainable health, wealth, relationships, and lasting fulfillment.

Are You Ready Reclaim Your Primal Power?



I am committed to helping men reclaim their power, gain clarity on their missions and build their legacies

The entrepreneurs and executives of this world are the ones moving the planet and society forward. I am dedicated to serving those who are making the world a better place...

One of my favorite things to do is to get away from the mundane and re-ignite the fire of the soul through deep connection with others and nature

Join us in a beautiful location among other willing warriors. Take the time away to dive deep into  yourself, train your body, clear your mind, renew your spirit, and return as the best version of yourself...



I am humbled and honored to carry the lineage of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A complete system of holistic care.

Take some time to nourish the body, mind, and nervous system. I am constantly in awe of this work and reserve a few days every month to treat patients...


The convergence of Ancient Alchemy, Modern Neuroscience, Biohacking, NLP, Shadow Work, and Nootropics.

There is a lot to discuss and explore here. Some topics are best discussed in person. Book Kai to speak on stage at your next event…