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your journey back to strength, vitality, and clarity begins here

After 10 years teaching mind-body exercise, food healing and strength training to 1000’s of people all over the world,  I have seen the profound transformative benefits that show up for them. However I notice that less than 50% of the people actually stick with the changes after a few months.

"People underestimate their capacity to change. There is never a right time to do a difficult thing." - John Porter

In my private practice as an Acupuncturist & Herbalist,  I also know what it is like to see patients once a week over several months and see their health improve slowly.  Both are very satisfying and yet there is a deeper level of healing and transformation that is possible.  Some people are ready to go deep and transform at rapidly up-leveling their lives That is why The Three Treasures Ascension Process was created.  This is an intimate 6 month coaching program open to only 5 people at a time.  

Pathway of Power 1 To 1 Inner Door Mentorship :: 6 Months of Health & Peak Performance Alchemy

  • 2 Private Weekend Mountain Retreats with Kai where you receive body work, acupuncture, & sacred site initiations

  • 3 Monthly Implementation & Support Calls

  • Master your Meditation & Breathwork Practice

  • Customized Tonic Herb Protocol to increase energy, clarity & focus

  • Unlock your unique access to flow states, peace of mind & amplified productivity through the Gates Of Power

  • Discover how you loose or give away your power & seal that leak so everything else you do works better

  • Tickets to all of Kai’s events & retreats during the 6 months

  • Access to Taichi, Qigong Meditations & Other Learning Materials

  • Customized guided Entheogenic experiences through breath, herbs, fasting & meditation


Step 1 :: Seal

Together we discover where you are losing your life energy and power be it food, sex, relationships or work. Many systems lack this step and thus ultimately fail. Until your boat can hold water there is nothing to do but sink.


Step 2 :: Recharge

With your leaks sealed we then continue your Transformation using the most Potent Superfoods, Tonic Herbs and Mind-Body Practices to build you back up to where you are in control of your life and Thriving.


Step 3 :: Awaken

A Deeper Understanding of how to modulate your body at the Jing, Qi and Shen levels; and at which times we need to discharge-accumulation or harmonization. You become the Joyful Creator of your own mind body practice and learn to utilize it with awareness.


Step 4 :: Connect

With the physical foundation set, we explore relationships. You will learn Empowered and Authentic Communication assisting you in experiencing more passionate, fulfilling relationships.


Step 5 :: Integrate

In the last part of the 6 month program, we develop the subtle awareness and skills that allow changes to be permanent. We continue the practices with goal setting, tracking and reviewing. We explore what it takes to Create Lasting Change.


This is a complete mind-body-spirit transformation. It involves deep commitment on my part to your growth and deep commitment on your part to your own evolution. You are worth it. Simply click the “apply” below and fill out the form if you are interested.